Thursday, October 7, 2010


The best part of waking up?

Anything other than hearing your toddler yell from downstairs, "this is a mess mommy, surprise!"

Oh, toddler surprises. So much fun.

I walk down the stairs, just waiting for it. I see this.


I walk through the living room, what the....?


Oh fuck (there's that word again). Nerds. No, not like us, the candy nerds. My toddler found the large box of nerds. Surprise, mommy! Jeesh.

I follow the path through the dining room.



Then I go around the corner.



Then I find him.


Sigh. Just...sigh.

I turn around, taking in the mess.


Nerds, everywhere.

I turn back around, I find a turd who is now rolling in the nerds.


Did I sigh yet?

Blair is officially a roller. Well, he did it once. That makes it offical in my book. Tummy to back, without much effort. With beauty & grace. He refused to do it again when I wanted to show the husband. He's also teething. After an hour of fussing & nothing working to soothe him, he finally went to sleep. Enough though he refused to take his paci, his brain still thought it was there while he slept. Watch the tongue.