Sunday, August 15, 2010

The bike.

Jules is, well, kinda pathetic. His new thing is seeing people out on the street on bikes & tell us, "Get my bike, I wanna go with my friends!" then when they go on down the street, he looks at us & ask, "wheres my friends going?"

This kid needs friends. But that's a whole other subject.

Anyway, Jules had been talking about a bike for a while. At Target, the best store on earth, I was wondering around when I happened upon the clearance section, where I found a kids Spiderman bike. I figured why not give it a shot?

At one point Jules wanted a ball. Remember how he is with balls, right? Well, he picked the bike over a ball, a shocking pick to me. More expensive, too. But we bought the bike, loaded it, then unloaded it. Put it together because that's what parents spend about 48% of their lives doing...putting toys together.

And soon enough we had a bike.


Wondering where Jules is?

You must not have children. Because if you did, you'd totally know where Jules was.


He's in the box it came in.

Did I mention he was in the box?


Well, he was. And when he got out of the box, he played with the box.


Then he got back in the box.


Then he played with the box more.


Then he took a Spiderman to play with the Spiderman on the bike.


Then he, you guess it, got back in the box.


He did get on the bike. Once.


But really, he was just all about the box. I have no idea what he was playing, but he was playing "what cha doing outta the house? Get back in da house! No, I'm outta the house!" with a Spiderman & Hamm the pig going back & forth. Hamm would not stay in the house. The same Hamm I mentioned in the previously linked to blog post about the ball.

He likes to push the bike around the house, but that's about it. And yes, I let my kid play with a bike in the house. I'm inappropriate like that.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The good thing about your big brother being nice & willing to share his toys?


He's willing share his toys. And some of his toys are fucking weird looking if you're an infant.

Plus, you eventually realize it's not sharing as much as you are a prop or display unit.


What, you didn't know dinos were attracted to cow print diapers? Totally.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Jules is convinced that as long as he can't see you, he's hiding. If he's laughing & talking, you still can't see him. There are many times Jules will just look at you randomly & blurt out, "Let's hide!" & run off to get anything...a washcloth will do. Again, as long as he can't see you the magic of hiding is that you can't see him. Of course it's not fun unless we play it up. So we get to look like idiots who can't see a kid hiding his face behind a piece of junk mail, while he cackles with pure delight, even asking us while he's hiding "wheres Jules?!" or answering with a laugh & saying "no" when we suggest a place he totally isn't at. Of course, sometimes he does better hiding than just behind a wash cloth.

"Let's hide!"


"Wheres Jules at?! Where'd he go?!



"Did you hear Jules?! Where is Jules at?!



"Well there you are! I couldn't find you!"


"hehehe...wheres Jules at mommy?!"

"Where did he go?! Where is Jules?!"

Basically, hide & seek around his house is more of an acting gig for the husband & I. And we're cool with that. And Jules? He believes in the magic.

Open for Business

This is Jules.


This is Blair.


This is the blog where I will chronicle their adventures, cute comments, & share the most embarrassing stories I can. I'm going to try not to say "fuck" as much in this blog as I do in my regular one. Key word...try.