Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mess of the Day 9/16/10

So I've decided that I am going to try something.

What, you may ask?

Mess of the day.

What, again, you may ask?

Mess of the day.

It's really that simple.

Every. Day. Everyday. Something in the house is, well, a mess. To try using another word, destroyed. That's what I get for going to the bathroom. Or the kitchen. Or blinking.

So, when these messes occur, I'm going to try to capture them on film. Then share them. This will either amuse you to see the craziness I live in, make you feel normal because you sometimes blink around your kids, or make you think I'm a slob.

Todays mess occurred when I answered my phone. Cheese. Who knew cheese could be so evil? Jules loooove cheese. For a while, he wouldn't eat anything unless it involved cheese. I use to try to beg my kid to eat chicken nuggets or fries just to get him to ingest a meal without cheese. While he will eat other things, nothing beats cheese. His new favorite? Shredded cheese. Yeah, I know, I'm nuts for letting him have it. But, you know, I'm a push over. I was sitting with him, letting him eat some cheese, when my phone rang. By the time I picked it up from the other room & walked back in the living room to sit down, I looked at him & saw the cheese.


He dumped the entire bag of cheese onto the floor. Cheddar & something white, if you were curious. Target brand if you're really curious.

Of course, it didn't end there. He decided to lick it up. Because he's a dog.

What, you didn't know he was a dog? Where have you been?

This whole dog licking up cheese thing gave him a nice cheese goatee.


Speaking of dogs, you know the best thing ever to have around when you have a food mess?

A dog.


No, Jules didn't grow fur, that's Murphy. She's a fantastic food cleaner upper.

In other news, Blair officially hit a milestone today...grasping swinging around a toy.


Odd thing is, that's the same toy Jules first held on his own & swung around.

And they still like each other.


And quote of the day comes from Jules...because it's the only one who can talk & the only funny one.

I was talking to Blair, discussing the fact that he's being a chubby thing. I told him I thought he was growing boobs. Because, well, he kinda is. Jules corrected me though. He announced, "mommy, Blair gets boobs in his mouth."

Can you tell I breastfeed? Well, I do. I never even know Jules knew what "boobs" were. Learn something new everyday.

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